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you know those houses in the magazines that are sparkling and shining with all the picture perfect towels and neat linen closets? that can be yours to with the help of the  linen shop located in stamford hill london is a high street shop now online selling a large range of quality affordable products ranging from soft,dreamy bedding and duvets,king size double or single size sheets we have it all ! in the bathroom our bathrobes warm and fuzzy beckon all making us a popular and high rated place to go.we take great pride in our towels that are high quality and highly absorbant.we have towels that can transform any kitchen with brands from christy to cawo to avanti.moving on to the dining room our elegant and classy tablecloths will amaze and dazzle any party and can kitchen.we havent even started with all the fluffy pillows and thick winter duvets! that  keep you warm in the long cold winter london night.from bed to bath we are there for you adding class to your house and turning it into your home

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